Time sink

I’ve not posted much for a while, there’s a lot of stuff, a **lot** of stuff, in draft, I’ve just to organise my notes and get around to posting… if only I could get away from…

[The Awsomer](http://theawesomer.com/) web-site. It’s eating all my time! There is so much cool stuff on there, loads of gadgets I want, a whole bunch of useless things I’d like to own… like [this](http://theawesomer.com/sam-and-max-statue/9242/), and [this](http://theawesomer.com/jaguar-e-type-speedster/16922/).

I know I don’t *really* want those things, I just desire them, they’re that type of ‘thing’.

One site that [The Awsomer](http://theawesomer.com/) introduced me to that I think very worthwhile, and more people should be made aware of is [re-cycle.org](http://www.re-cycle.org). It’s a charity that sends old bicycles to Africa. How many of us have a bike that is no longer used? That is no longer wanted? That we’re not going to use? It’s no good it sitting in the garage or shed rusting, with tyres perishing, and chain and cogs seizing. Donate it, give it where it will do some good. Let’s face it, if you stick it on eBay you’re unlikely to get more than a fiver for it – and then it’s got to be delivered or you’ve got to hang around waiting for someone to come and collect it. **Just give the damn thing away you tight bastid!!!**