Shock horror, latest news

It’s official, we’re now boat owners! As of about 5pm today ownership of "Kooshty", a Trintella 29 transfered to us, well, it’s in my name, by she’s ours.

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Sailing for trophies

The weekend of the August bank-holiday was, as it usually is at the Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club, the date for the RNLI regatta. “Aeolus IV” took part in races all three days, here are details of our escapades.

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Keep Turning Left

Keep turning left is the title of a series of short films by Dylan Winter available to all on YouTube. Dylan is circumnavigating the UK in a little boat; his son is walking the length of the Ganges during his gap year, and Dylan wants an adventure too.

I wonder if Dylan’s son has a YouTube video diary called, perhaps, Keep the Ganges on the Left.

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Vacation at birthday time

It’s been that time of year again; a birthday, and a holiday. I’d really like enough holiday to split the working year into quarters with two-week holidays in between… who am I kidding, I want life to be a holiday!

What the hell, here’s how it went.

The camping part

We had a really good week off and I had a brilliant birthday, went camping in north Devon last Sunday (that’d be April, not 4th May). Stayed between Woolacombe and Ilfracombe in a tiny village called Mortehoe. The journey down started off sunny, then it was rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun, rain… and we arrived at the campsite in fog… well, at least it wasn’t raining when we were putting the tent up. There were four pubs in walking distance, but the food in all of them was pretty lousy, and there was nowhere else to eat without driving somewhere, but that was the only let down. The scenery is great, big cliffs, Atlantic waves bashing against them, all very rugged and manly.

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Seasickness cure found

… so there I was, seasickness pills taken in plenty of time, nothing out of the ordinary with regard to weather or even the state of the sea, but I didn’t feel too good, and it was getting worse by the minute.

There is something about seasickness that makes the sufferer incapable of just about anything. It’s not the vomiting that is the problem (though that is certainly not pleasant), it’s the bit between the onset of the queasiness and the “losing your lunch” that is the worst.

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