New version of the best OS in the world.

I raise my hat, and pay all respects due to the developers of Debian version 8, codename “Jessie”(see note 1). Two years in the making and yet again all those volunteers have created fantastic free software that is easy to install and, most importantly, stable. I’ve been running Debian on all servers I deploy for over ten years now. I’ve never had a server crash, I’ve never had a service go down, it’s been faultless, I don’t hesitate in recommending Debian, it’s the only Linux I install.

Over the years I have tried other distros, my first Linux was RedHat, installed from the free disk that came with PCW magazine, version 5.0 “Hurricane” IIRC. Since that nervous foray into the unknown I’ve tried (in no particular order) Slackware, Linux From Scratch, Knoppix, Mepis, Gentoo, Mandrake, Caldera, SmoothWall and tomsrtbt. Apart from the couple of special purpose distros named (SmoothWall and tomsrtbt) I’ve always found some reason to come back to Debian.

While I’m grateful to RedHat for introducing me to Linux, these days I don’t like it, it’s gone all corporate with expensive support contracts and different “flavours” of the OS. It may be great for the corporate world, but from a small enterprise view point I find Debian ideal.

I’m really happy to see that in this latest release Debian have brought their Perl version startlingly up-to-date. In the past Perl has sometimes been a little behind current in the release, but someone has been working hard and I appreciate that.

Other notable updates: Apache 2.2 to 2.4, Postgresql 9.1 to 9.4, and a major Samba upgrade from 3.x to 4.x, which could prove interesting when I upgrade there (I’m not even thinking about the potential issues Debian have mentioned WRT the Apache upgrade – maybe now is the time to migrate to NGINX).

So, ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses to those hard-working, dedicated volunteers ceaslessly coding for us all to have a better operating system, and say a big “thank you, we really appreciate your work” to them all.

1. see this link for the reason behind the codename(s).

UK General Election 2015

It’s that time again, another general election is just around the corner. There is no point voting because we always get fucking politicians.

The ballot paper needs a “None of the above” option for those who don’t vote, not out of apathy or because they don’t care but because none of those standing offer anything the voter wants. They would be able to register the fact that they do care, and wish to take part in the process, but there isn’t a suitable candidate &mdash here’s my vote, but it ain’t for any of you useless wankers.

vote for nobody

Career politicians have killed democracy in the UK. All that matters is being in power and they will offer any policy you want just so they can remain there.

Let’s give those bastards a Cinco de Mayo they won’t forget and remind them that it is we, the electorate, who are in control. They are our puppets, to do our bidding and we are not in need of their nannying.

Viva La Revolución!

Nelson Mandela’s pre-sentencing speech

The speech made by Nelson Mandela before they sentenced him..

How to prepare kiwi, not everyone knows how to do it right.

So here’s pictorial directions so you can be sure to get it right.


All the aces (of spades)

That’s some poker hand.
All the aces 1.
All the aces 2.
I found them on a site that is definitely NSFW – do not visit if you are offended by photos of naked ladies… or motorbikes. Basically, if you’re offended by the site name, Fuck Yeah don’t visit!

Things that make you go hmmmm…


Visit Banksy Street Art for more interesting art.

There is a better way

Traffic lights don’t work. You know that don’t you? It’s obvious to anyone who’s ever sat in the queue for a set of light, watched them change and thought “at last” only to have them change to red again before you get to them. That’s probably five minutes spent sitting there, going nowhere and polluting the environment STOP!, don’t click that back-button I’m not going to go on about climate change, I’m going to show you an alternative to traffic lights, one where traffic keeps moving and yet pedestrians aren’t in danger or inconvenienced.

I’d just like to make it clear, I’m not claiming that this is my idea, I just saw a video and thought it too good to not pass on. Please watch this, and if you know somewhere it would work, pass on a link to the local planning department. Also, share a link to the YouTube video or Laughing Squid with your friends they may know a junction that needs a fix like this too.

So, what am I talking about? Here’s what I believe is the source Atlantic Cities. Here’s the video if you want to watch it here:

The world is full of idiots (1)

Something cropped up in a [newsgroup]( today, specifically one which goes by the acronym [ucsm]( and is dedicated to the discussion of Apple Macintosh computers. Someone mentioned that some sat nav owners are entering their home address as that of the local police station. The (dubious) logic being that if your sat nav is stolen the thief doesn’t then go and break into your house (why would he?). The navigational side of this logic is that the owner of the sat nav does know how to get from the local police station to their home.

What I was what kind of idiot puts their home into a sat nav, don’t these people know where they live? Read more…

Boot from USB pen drive

The biggest hurdle I had installing [Debian]( on my new server was getting the Debian Net Install ISO onto a USB stick in a way that would be bootable.

Read more…

Server Replacement

Did you see the post regarding a [Linux install to a Mac Mini]( Well I’m not happy with it because it’s not as stable as I’d like. For some reason the partition information becomes corrupt; everything is OK after a reboot but I can’t figure out why it’s happening in the first place, there’s nothing in the logs I can put my finger on and blame.

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