Simple grafitti

This is brilliant, to see Snoopy’s dog kennel in the shadow and then add Snoopy… and it only makes sense if you see it at night, when the street light opposite is on.

Let me tell you about Nate

Nate is a guy, and Autralian guy, who is travelling slowly around the world in no particular direction and he’s in no hurry. He’s visiting wonderful, off-the-beaten-track destinations. Places most of us would probably avoid. But in travelling his way he’s meeting people in those places and he’s finding they’re much the same as the rest of us, they just live somewhere we’ve never heard of.

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Customer service

It’s not often you get customer service you feel is good enough that you want to tell people about it, but I’ve been the recipient of customer service which I feel earns the company in question some brownie points.

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