About Me

My name is Justin. I was born in May, 1967 in Croydon, now a London borough, though at the time is was in the fair county of Surrey. At the age of twelve I moved with my mother to Brighton, and, when I was fifteen, we moved again, to Hastings. I’ve been here ever since.

Moving about disrupted school for me, I don’t know what I would have done had my upbringing been more stable, but maybe I’d have at least made it to college – lets face it, I’m not exactly dense, college should have been easy…. I’ve met a lot of people with degrees, and I’m smarter than many of them! On the other hand, I’ve never really fitted in and I couldn’t wait to get away from the education system, so maybe stability wasn’t the problem. 

I don’t think leaving education at sixteen did me any favours though, it’s limited my employment opportunities, and, consequently, there is an earnings ceiling. But, hey, the age I’m at now, I’m past caring. I’m no longer on the way up, I’ve gone over the crest of the hill. This is a plateau before the decent to retirement.

As at April 2008 sailing sailing is something quite new to me. I’ve ambition to cruise long term in exotic places, and to this end I get on the water as often as I can. This means that I crew for people who like to race, and though I don’t desire to sail competitively it gets me sailing and plenty of experience… and experience in, often, stressful situations – which could be useful to a long term cruiser.

Other than sailing I enjoy music, photography, alcohol, and tobacco.