Simple grafitti

This is brilliant, to see Snoopy’s dog kennel in the shadow and then add Snoopy… and it only makes sense if you see it at night, when the street light opposite is on.

UK General Election 2015

It’s that time again, another general election is just around the corner. There is no point voting because we always get fucking politicians.

The ballot paper needs a “None of the above” option for those who don’t vote, not out of apathy or because they don’t care but because none of those standing offer anything the voter wants. They would be able to register the fact that they do care, and wish to take part in the process, but there isn’t a suitable candidate &mdash here’s my vote, but it ain’t for any of you useless wankers.

vote for nobody

Career politicians have killed democracy in the UK. All that matters is being in power and they will offer any policy you want just so they can remain there.

Let’s give those bastards a Cinco de Mayo they won’t forget and remind them that it is we, the electorate, who are in control. They are our puppets, to do our bidding and we are not in need of their nannying.

Viva La Revolución!