Let me tell you about Nate

Nate is a guy, and Autralian guy, who is travelling slowly around the world in no particular direction and he’s in no hurry. He’s visiting wonderful, off-the-beaten-track destinations. Places most of us would probably avoid. But in travelling his way he’s meeting people in those places and he’s finding they’re much the same as the rest of us, they just live somewhere we’ve never heard of.

While travelling Nate is taking photos, lots of them. I stumbled across his page when Googling my new camera, Nate uses the same. He takes a lot of shots of people, and also architecture. And while the shots are good, it’s the words he write, his insight into the lives of the people he meets, allowing us to peer into a window of a remote and unheard of place. Nate likes to stay put and soak up a place, get under it’s skin, to see more than the superficial. He does that in his conversations too, and none more so than in this one where he visits Albania with a translating fireman from Macedonia.

If you’ve the time I wholly recommend following Nate’s photo-cum-travel blog. You won’t be inundated with posts, but you will have your eyes opened to new travel destinations. Where else are you going to see photos like this:


Photo copyright Nate Robert, Yomadic.com