Nelson Mandela’s pre-sentencing speech

The speech made by Nelson Mandela before they sentenced him..

How to prepare kiwi, not everyone knows how to do it right.

So here’s pictorial directions so you can be sure to get it right.


All the aces (of spades)

That’s some poker hand.
All the aces 1.
All the aces 2.
I found them on a site that is definitely NSFW – do not visit if you are offended by photos of naked ladies… or motorbikes. Basically, if you’re offended by the site name, Fuck Yeah don’t visit!

Things that make you go hmmmm…


Visit Banksy Street Art for more interesting art.

The Duke of In Hospital

Gotta love the Daily Mail. Not that I read it myself, my wife surfs the site for the “humorous picture stories”, yeah, right.

Anyway, the headline on this story has a great typo.

The Duke of In Hospital

The Duke of In Hospital

For anyone thinking of sending this to the News Quiz on Radio 4, I’ve already done it.

Errata, Paintings on a Canvas of Books

I like this.

Errata, Paintings on a Canvas of Books.

Let me tell you about Nate

Nate is a guy, and Autralian guy, who is travelling slowly around the world in no particular direction and he’s in no hurry. He’s visiting wonderful, off-the-beaten-track destinations. Places most of us would probably avoid. But in travelling his way he’s meeting people in those places and he’s finding they’re much the same as the rest of us, they just live somewhere we’ve never heard of.

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There is a better way

Traffic lights don’t work. You know that don’t you? It’s obvious to anyone who’s ever sat in the queue for a set of light, watched them change and thought “at last” only to have them change to red again before you get to them. That’s probably five minutes spent sitting there, going nowhere and polluting the environment STOP!, don’t click that back-button I’m not going to go on about climate change, I’m going to show you an alternative to traffic lights, one where traffic keeps moving and yet pedestrians aren’t in danger or inconvenienced.

I’d just like to make it clear, I’m not claiming that this is my idea, I just saw a video and thought it too good to not pass on. Please watch this, and if you know somewhere it would work, pass on a link to the local planning department. Also, share a link to the YouTube video or Laughing Squid with your friends they may know a junction that needs a fix like this too.

So, what am I talking about? Here’s what I believe is the source Atlantic Cities. Here’s the video if you want to watch it here: