The world is full of idiots (1)

Something cropped up in a [newsgroup]( today, specifically one which goes by the acronym [ucsm]( and is dedicated to the discussion of Apple Macintosh computers. Someone mentioned that some sat nav owners are entering their home address as that of the local police station. The (dubious) logic being that if your sat nav is stolen the thief doesn’t then go and break into your house (why would he?). The navigational side of this logic is that the owner of the sat nav does know how to get from the local police station to their home.

What I was what kind of idiot puts their home into a sat nav, don’t these people know where they live?I live in East Sussex, if I’m in Edinburgh I head south and pick up signs for London/M25, and I know which of the A2, A20, A21, A22, A23 gets me nearest to home. If I’m in Cornwall I head east, and aim for the A272. If I’m coming from somewhere from which I’ve never come before I head in the general direction of home until I see names of towns I recognise as being near to where I live. Any fool should know the towns around one’s area, and where one lives in relation to them. Finding my way *home* is *always* easy.

If going *from* home to somewhere I’ve never been before, if I don’t have an idea of where it is in the UK (Scotland, Wales, North-East/West, West Country, etc) I’ll at least get myself a clue before setting off and then, as I’m closing my destination (mostly > 50% of the overall distance) the sat nav may come in handy. For example, I’ve never been to Northumberland, if I was required to get to, say, Alnwick, I’d head north and between here and the north side of the M25 I’d be juggling in my head the long distance between the end of the M1, on A roads instead of motorways with the long way round M6 and then crossing to Northumberland somewhere north of Wigan but before Carlisle. I doubt there’s that much in it (the way I drive) – fuel consumption or time but I’d probably go A1(M) as I’ve never been up the A1 north of York so the view would be different. If I had sat nav I’d not turn it on until, if on the A1(M), I got to Durham (Co. not city), and if going up the M6 I’d probably turn it on around the Manchester/Liverpool junctions, not knowing how I was going to cross the Dales/Penines. I mean, this stuff isn’t rocket science, our country is really quite small compared with many.

How do people who need the sat nave to get from their front door to Asda and back again *every* time manage to work out how to even operate the damn device?! This reliance on technology is causing brains to turn soup. The genetic branching of Morlock and Eloi from homo sapiens has begun, I believe it happened some time around 1950.