Server Replacement

Did you see the post regarding a [Linux install to a Mac Mini]( Well I’m not happy with it because it’s not as stable as I’d like. For some reason the partition information becomes corrupt; everything is OK after a reboot but I can’t figure out why it’s happening in the first place, there’s nothing in the logs I can put my finger on and blame.

This problem could be due to the fact that the hardware is quite new, and I’m having to run a custom Linux kernel; maybe the code for some of the hardware isn’t quite good enough for production use. Or it could be due to a hardware problem, I’ve already had to return one which died completely on me while partitioning the disk for a Linux install.

So I’m going to retire the Mini from Linux duties (if it still crashes under OS X then I can attribute that to hardware).

If the Mini is being retired then I need a replacement server, step forward a great deal from [Hewlett Packard]( on a ProLiant MicroServer with a 250GB HD, 1GB RAM, Athlon II Neo N36L 64bit processor, £240 and get £100 cashback. It’s a good looking server, much bigger, however, than the Mac Mini, and probably less powerful, but it’s going to be a server so that’s not a problem, no 3d games here.

I’ve already added another 2GB of RAM and it has three empty drive bays behind a front opening door (no need to remove screws and open the case) for easy upgrade of the storage.

One thing it doesn’t have is an optical drive, though it will boot from a USB drive or memory stick.