What a good day.

Today was supposed to be the day that friends and family came to look at the new[1] boat. Because we’ve not been sailing long everyone has been quite excited for us. It took us the best part of two months to get the boat ‘home’, and because everyone was so keen to see it we decided to hold a ‘pontoon party’ where they could all gather on the dock, look at the boat and enjoy alcohol and some chips and dip, olives, canapes, whatever. Some people didn’t confirm, some people cancelled, some people had other plans… so we called it off.

That was a bad start to the day; plans made for weeks were thrown out. What to do? Well, …

… The weather looks good, we’ll go for a sail instead, so we did. And Aeolus was good to us. As was Ra (mixing my religions there – but I’m an atheist[2] so what do I care?).

Because of cancelling the previously made plans we weren’t early at the boat, arriving shortly before twelve. We started the engine, made preparations to leave and then set off. As soon as we were out and clear of the other boats that had come out of the same lock as us we turned head-to-wind and put up the main sail. Then, turning a little to the west, and with the main filling, we pulled out the genoa. The tide had turned and was carrying us at about a knot and a half, so we turned up-tide so the sail home would not be hard work. By now the engine was off, and all was quiet apart from the sound of water past the hull.

The fine weather, by the time we got out, had set up an on-shore breeze that enabled us to sail along the coast (and back when the time came) on a lovely beam reach. The wind was blowing about a mid force three, so enough to enjoy it, and not enough for it to be exciting – we prefer enjoyment over excitement.

At about two o’clock we ‘hove to'[3] and had lunch, sailing nowhere but being carried nearer home by the tide and wind. It was bliss.

In the end the day passed much better than we think it would have done if we’d been receiving guests aboard. Though it’s nice to see loved ones, it can be exceptionally good to just be on your own doing what you enjoy most.

It’s amazing how just two or three hours cam turn an average – or even lost – weekend into a great one. I can’t wait for next Saturday!

I hope your day was as good as mine.