Shock horror, latest news

It’s official, we’re now boat owners! As of about 5pm today ownership of "Kooshty", a Trintella 29 transfered to us, well, it’s in my name, by she’s ours.

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Backups – backing up your data, is it worth it?

Real back-up is expensive, whether it be media or time. How much you spend on back-up (time or money) should be based on the value of your data, and the cost of the time that the data may be off-line (or the value of that data in some other measure).

When specifying a server for a small company I’ve been told that the price looks expensive. I explain the hardware in the server and it’s cost, and when I get to the back-up device that’s when they choke. No one ever *expects* their hardware to fail, that is a user’s biggest error. On a long enough time-line hardware *always* fails. What I say to the bean counters is this: All of your data, details of everything anyone owes you is gone, you could get no income from any debt that you currently have, and you wouldn’t know that you should how do you recover? *This* back-up device will ensure that that doesn’t happen…. That tends to persuade most people.

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