I’d like to buy some deodorant please

Sweat, we do it when it’s hot, or when we exercise. It’s part of the body’s method for regulating our temperature. Moisture, and some salts, are released from millions of glands in our skin, the evaporation of this moisture cools the body. If we don’t sweat, we don’t cool, if we don’t cool we overheat and that is not a good thing.

So, what’s the problem? The problem is that in our modern ultra-sterile world sweat is seen as something unpleasant, and best avoided. To this end there are countless products designed to stop us sweating, they’re called antiperspirants; "anti" meaning against, and "perspirant" meaning sweat, or what comes out when we perspire. These products *stop us sweating*, but sweating is essential for our body to regulate it’s temperature, it is bad for our health if we don’t sweat.

There used to be just deodorant, the job of which was to ensure that, should we sweat, there was no unpleasant odour. This was usually done by the inclusion of alcohol which killed off the bacteria which cause odour. Then there was both deodorant and antiperspirant. Now we seem to have only antiperspirant, the job of which is to **stop us sweating**, I mean, who’d want moist patches under their arms? How revolting! How ugly! Eugh!… Howang on a minute, didn’t I say that **not** sweating is a bad thing?

The fact, regarding sweat, is this: **It does not smell.** Providing we wash properly, and regularly, we will not smell. When we smell sweat on another person that is BO, or body odour. This occurs when bacteria feast on our sweat, a by-product of their activity is body-odour; regular washing doesn’t allow the bacteria to colonise our bodies, so no odour.

I like to use deodorant "just in case.", but I do not like antiperspirant for the reason I stated in my first paragraph. Surely it cannot be healthy to inhibit the body’s ability to regulate it’s temperature, and, in addition, how, exactly, are we stopping the body from sweating? Antiperspirants contain [astringents][1] which cause the opening of the sweat glands to shrink, the most often used chemical appears to be some form of aluminium. Now, there’s no problem with aluminium salts if you aren’t allergic to them, at least not in small doses. But what about small doses, day after day after day? Does that add up to a big dose? Here’s what [wikipedia][2] has to say on the health issues of aluminium and it’s salts. I don’t want to take the risk.

I don’t know whose fault it is, whether it’s the retailers, the manufacturers, or us, the consumers. Are we so obsessed with not sweating? Do we really think it repulsive and something best not to do? Or have we been suckered in by years of advertising by the likes of Sure, with their sprayed on tick staying dry even in a rain-forest? Whoever’s fault it is, I can no longer find deodorant on the shelves of supermarkets or the major chemist chains. They have products which claim to be deodorants, but when you look more closely they are "antiperspirant-deodorants", they do both. If you know of a source of real deodorant – for men! – please submit a comment below, I’d like to buy some.

[1]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astringent
[2]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminium#Health_concerns