Keep Turning Left

Keep turning left is the title of a series of short films by Dylan Winter available to all on YouTube. Dylan is circumnavigating the UK in a little boat; his son is walking the length of the Ganges during his gap year, and Dylan wants an adventure too.

I wonder if Dylan’s son has a YouTube video diary called, perhaps, Keep the Ganges on the Left.

The journey starts in the Solent, and, to-date, has Dylan sailed as far as the Medway. It’s not been an adventure on par with heroic sailors of yore (wherever that is), but it is a personal adventure; it’s solo, and Dylan has filmed his progress through fair-winds and foul.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the films and listening to Dylans commentary – it’s not just some numpty with a digicam, Dylan is able to write and speak intelligently and coherently (which, for YouTube is quite unusual). Each episode is quite short, three to six minutes.

My enjoyment is possibly partly due to the fact that the region Dylan is just about to leave is "my home turf". Holidays on the Isle of Wight and Dorset as a child, learning to sail in the Solent, formative years in Brighton, and way too many years in and around Hastings. Another reason for my enjoyment would be the fact that I want to do it too, so maybe I’m living the journey through his films. Some of Dylans comments have struck a chord, so maybe he has a similar outlook to my own so there is a greater resonance there…. Or I’m being to introspective.

So, moving on. I recommend to you the [Keep Turning Left] [1] series on YouTube. If you are at all interested in the coast of the UK (no, it’s nothing like the BBC series of that name, it’s not the coastline itself, it’s more what it looks like from the water – it’s better, see?), or, of course, if you’re interested in sailing, please give it a watch, I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed.

If you’re not sure it’s for you, here is the first one, if you want more, you **will** have to go to [YouTube] [1].


  1. dylan winter

    Just thought you might like to know – journey back under way and now at

  2. justin

    Excellent news, Dylan. I look forward to watching more of your travels.