My wife and I recently celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary, it’s not much, I know, but we’re happy and that’s that main thing. Four years might not sound impressive, but we were together for thirteen years before we tied the not, so we’re really seventeen.

According to the Office of National Statistics 273,068 other couples also married in 2004, the highest number for any year since 1996. Unfortunately there were also 153,399 divorces that year, at least the balance is positive.

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Keep Turning Left

Keep turning left is the title of a series of short films by Dylan Winter available to all on YouTube. Dylan is circumnavigating the UK in a little boat; his son is walking the length of the Ganges during his gap year, and Dylan wants an adventure too.

I wonder if Dylan’s son has a YouTube video diary called, perhaps, Keep the Ganges on the Left.

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Music T shirts – state of the industry

The music T shirt biz has been in a state of decline for some time, this is bad news for me because that’s the line of work I’m in. What are the causes of this situation? They are few, and I’ll detail them here.

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Pub food in Britain: The Good

Travelling home along Britains ‘A’ roads, and stopping for food can be gastronomically challenging. If it’s a long journey you don’t want to stop at half-a-dozen pubs and check them out before getting back in the car, because they’re not good enough; you’d never get where you’re going. So you stop at the first one you like the look of and put up with whatever they happen to serve. Sometimes the pubs aren’t at the side of the road either, and you follow a road-sign that says ‘Pub 1 mile’, then it’s just pot luck.

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The best animation ever

I like animation. Be it cell, stop-go, computer generated, flicker-book, whatever, if it’s good then I like it. Finding good animation isn’t easy but I’ve found a source, and it’s YouTube. I’ve spent many, many hours watching animations there, and hit my download limit for the month with my ISP and had to pay per-gigabyte charges just to carry on. Some of them are *so* good.


If you want to see all of the videos (animation and otherwise) that I’ve book-marked on YouTube click this link, I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed.

On the other hand, if you’d like to see some great animation, and would rather not spend the same number of hours trawling YouTube that I have, then please read on.

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