Setting up my blog

What a trial it is setting up blogging software, especially if you want to host it yourself. Sure, you can have it hosted elsewhere, but you’re either restricted on setup and configuration, or you have to pay. I’m not technically illiterate, and I have the hardware to hand, so I wanted to host the blog myself.

There are several advantages hosting your blog yourself:

  • no size limits (just the size of your hard disk)
  • complete control over layout and style
  • no monthly fee
  • good geek practice

Blogging with WordPress

Blogging software is, essentially, content management software (or CMS). It takes data (your blog entries) and creates a site. You don’t need to know HTML or CSS, or anything about coding or computers at all to be up and running quite quickly with a decent looking blog. The choices for software are many, I’m using WordPress but I could have used

or any one of a large number of other pieces of software. I even looked at real CMS software, things like Drupal and Joomla, but found there was too much setting up before I could get started…. Not that there wasn’t a lot of setting up to get WordPress working (it probably shouldn’t have been, I think I just made a right meal of it).

Well, not that it’s up and running it’s time to start blogging…