Seasickness cure found

… so there I was, seasickness pills taken in plenty of time, nothing out of the ordinary with regard to weather or even the state of the sea, but I didn’t feel too good, and it was getting worse by the minute.

There is something about seasickness that makes the sufferer incapable of just about anything. It’s not the vomiting that is the problem (though that is certainly not pleasant), it’s the bit between the onset of the queasiness and the “losing your lunch” that is the worst.

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Text editing the intelligent way

For the majority of us, most of our time spent on a computer (when not surfing) involves entering data of some kind. If you’re one of those ‘graphics’ types, then this won’t affect you, but if you spend time (even a small amount) typing, then this affects you.

Text input isn’t hard, we either spend time learning how to touch-type, or we become very adept hunt-and-peck-ers. It’s managing the text once it’s *in* that it becomes difficult, sure, cut, copy, and paste are simple to do, but what about that bulleted list, where you need to indent a few lines again because you realise that they could have their own section? If you select the lines and hit the tab then all the text disappears and is replaced by a tab! Really helpful.

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Setting up my blog

What a trial it is setting up blogging software, especially if you want to host it yourself. Sure, you can have it hosted elsewhere, but you’re either restricted on setup and configuration, or you have to pay. I’m not technically illiterate, and I have the hardware to hand, so I wanted to host the blog myself.
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